Research interesting

In our group, we focus on developing novel nanoscale multifunctional materials for environment, green energy, thin film batteries, quantum dot light emitting devices (QLEDs), spintronics and biomedicine applications. We are currently exploring various nanostructures for application in waste water management, green energy, spintronics, magnetic hyperthermia and drug carriers.

research focusing

  • Development of novel nanoparticles and thin films for Spintronics applications.
  • Complex magnetism and emergent phenomena in correlated oxide materials.
  • Development of quantum dots with high PL quantum yield and metal oxide nanoparticles with high charge mobilities.
  • Development of high performance QLEDs.
  • Design and development of thin film batteries.
  • Development of nanostructured high-performance thermoelectric materials and understanding their underlying mechanisms .
  • Development of novel magnetic nanostructures for magnetic hyperthermia applications.
  • Development of nanostructures for alternating magnetic field-triggered drug delivery platform.

Multifunctional nanomaterials


Complex oxides

A working pixel of QLED


1. Synthesis and investigating the influence of In, Bi, and Sb elements doping concentration on thermoelectric properties of bulk and thin film semiconductive SnSe single crystals. NAFOSTED 103.02-2016.09 (2017-2019)

2. Fabricating heterostructure materials base on narrow bandgap layer structure semiconductors to develop a new generation of the high-thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) materials. NAFOSTED 103.02-2019.354 (2020-2023)

3. Development of a new generation of advanced nanocomposite nanocarriers based on magnetic nanoparticles for highly controlled alternating magnetic field-triggered drug delivery systems. NAFOSTED 103.20-2019.314 (2020-2022)

4. Synthesis and thermoelectric properties enhancement of n-type half-Heusler. NAFOSTED 103.02-2019.356 (2020-2022)